Useful Caching Technologies for PHP Application

Useful Caching Technologies for PHP Application

In this article, I am going to give you information and benefits about the useful Caching technologies. It will help you to choose caching mechanism according to your requirement of the website.

We are going to see below points in detail which will help you to understand the things a better way.

  • What is caching?
  • Why caching is important?
  • Types & Benefits of Caching Technologies?

1. What is Caching?

A cache is basically temporary storage space where often accessed data could be stored for faster access. Cache is much faster than accessed it from disk or database.

2. Why is Caching important?

  • Caching help to reduce the retrieval queries made to database.
  • Caching will reduce filesystem access.
  • Caching will help to make website faster which helps to improve user satisfaction.
  • Caching will help to provide better SEO Scores.
  • Caching will save time and bandwidth.
  • Caching will help the website to perform better and protect you in the case of sudden high traffic on the website.

3. Types of Caching Technologies used for PHP Application.

4. Detail information about Caching Technologies.

1. Varnish Cache

Varnish cache is one of the best caching application which you can use to optimize PHP application. It is the latest and most used stable caching application. It will lead to your site to perform better and smooth.

Varnish cache is a web application accelerator also known as HTTP reverse proxy.

It is working on port 80 as a front web application. Varnish will improve your website speed 1000x faster and it’s work well in good server architecture.

Varnish always run on 80 and 443 [if SSL is configured]port because on internet domains run through the HTTP or HTTPS. To configure varnish cache you need to understand the working of varnish vcl conf file.

Varnish cache will support multiple platforms like Linux, FreeBSD and various Solaris-descendants like Oracle Solaris, OmniOS, and SmartOS.

If you really want your site to perform better then varnish cache is the best option for your website. It has lots of benefits when it comes to providing performance for the website.

If you want to implement varnish cache then follow below guide which is completely on installation and configuration of Varnish cache. It is detail guide which helps you to configure varnish in an easy way without any issues.


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2. Memcached

Memcached is the second best caching application which helps to improve your site performance. it is an open source high performance and free caching system or service. it will help you to cache API calls, database data and pages in RAM to perform application faster.

Best thing of Memcached, it is working on TCP protocol which means you can able to install it on a separate server and use it on another server which leads to the big hash table to store your data.

Memcached is made in such way if your Memcached space is running out of space it will overwrite or replaced by newer data.

Memcached by default working on 11211 port.

You all know the open source applications are totally free cost. Memcached is also Open source so you do not need to pay anything to make your site perform better.

You can use Memcached to decrease the load on the database by caching database queries which are most frequently or more user visited.

If you think it is best and good caching application for your website then check out my previous article on Memcached. I have explained each and every part Memcached which helps you to configure Memcached on your server.


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3. Redis Cache

Redis Cache is an open source, advanced key-value store and a serious solution for building high-performance, scalable web applications.

Redis cache will handle the persistent data. Redis is more efficient caching application because it consumes comparatively fewer memory resources for metadata.

The good thing about the Redis cache, it will supports Master-slave replication which means whenever once of your Redis node goes down other will handle the request. It is providing stronger data structure.

Redis will supports multiple databases using same server instance. With that much of feature Redis will obviously first choice of any PHP developer to improve performance of website.

I have already posted an article on Redis installation and configuration. Just follow step-by-step process and you will have Redis on your system.


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4. APC [ Alternative PHP Cache ]

APC is also a good inbuilt code caching system use in PHP to improve or speed up site performance. PHP is a scripting language which will compile and executed by the server with every page request.

Lots of time requests will produce exactly same results which will unnecessarily utilize server memory and degrade the server performance. APC will help in this situation where APC will save PHP operation code in the RAM memory. When the same request generates then the results will provide directly from RAM memory. By this process, it will reduce the load on server bypassing the repetitive requests.

Follow below guide to implement APC cache.




These are the great caching technologies you can use it to improve the performance of your site. I will try best to provide benefits of each caching technologies. You can choose to cache as per the requirement of your site.

I hope you like the article if you find any difficulties while using above-mentioned caching technologies then please do comment your queries or problem via the comment section, till then stay tuned to for more such valuable articles.

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