Install OCSInventory-Agent on Linux and Windows System

OCSInventory-Agent installation on Linux & Windows

In this post, we are going to understand how to install ocsinventory-agent on Linux and windows system? and how we use this agent to fetch system information?

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Let’s start with the installation steps of OCS Inventory Agent.

First, we are going to install the ocs agent on a linux machine.

Step 1 : Update the repository of linux machine and install ocsinventory-agent with apt-get command,

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install ocsinventory­agent

Step 2 : At the time of installation process it will prompt you to choose a method from http and local which means if you don’t have network connection choose Local and if ocs inventory Server is setup then choose “http” and then tab n click OK.

So here we are choosing http because we have already setup our OCS inventory Server.

please check below screenshot for more understanding.


Step 3: After click on ok next will prompt you to enter OCS Inventory Server hostname.

Use : “http://ocsserver-ip/ocsinventory” then select OK.

Step 4 : Installation of Ocsinventory-agent is completed.

Now run below command once in terminal which helps to fetch system information from system to OCS Inventory Server.

ocsinventory-agent -t TAG_NAME http://ocsserver-ip/ocsinventory
  • -t : it defines tag name of your system.
  • You can learn more option from “ocsinventory-agent –help

Above command produced output like below :

[info] Accountinfo file doesn't exist. I create an empty one.

[info] PROLOG_FREQ has changed since last process(old=,new=24)

[info] No support detected. Registration key: N/A

[info] [download] Beginning work. I am 12548.

[info] [download] No more package to download.

It means you have successfully completed the task.

OcsInventory-Agent on Windows System:

Step 1 : Download the Ocsinventory-agent.exe file from below link,

Step 2 : Unzip the file and just double click on .exe file and click on Next Button.

Now we need to add the URL of OCS Inventory Server under the Server URL box.

  • http://ocsserver-ip/ocsinventory

Next username and password are optional so leave it blank and Click on NEXT.

Step 3 : Now under the General options put all checkbox as it is and just specify Tag name.

And in Setup options tick the checkbox of “Immediately Launch Inventory” then click NEXT and then Finish.


OcsInventory-Agent installation is completed successfully.

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I hope you like and understand the post if you have any doubts comment under the comment box.

Thank You 🙂

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