Migrating putty sessions to another machine


Putty is a terminal emulator application which is working as a client for the SSH, telnet etc. Mostly we used putty for remote login.

By Default putty saved session information under the registry in a windows machine.
In a Working environment, we have stored multiple sessions in one machine and because of some reason we need to move on another machine. In that case creating all the session or configuration again on the new system is a very time-consuming process.

In this article, we will describe how to migrate putty sessions from one machine to another.

Migrating putty sessions

1. Open Regedit

With help of “run,” you can open the “regedit”.
Type run>> regedit

2. Check Session Directory

Now in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”, go to the below-mentioned path and you will find the directory where sessions are stored.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER >> Software>>Simon Tatham>>PuTTY>>Sessions

3.Export the values

Now right click on “putty” directory and click on “Export” option and Save with any name and it will create a file with .reg extension.

.reg file

4. Merge Registry File

Now copy this file to any other machine and merge it to recreate the putty sessions you used. you will find all your configuration in the new machine.

That’s it all your old putty configuration will come exactly as it is on the new system. I hope you like the article if you find any difficulties then please do comment your queries or problem via the comment section, till then stay tuned to techthings.org for more such valuable articles. 

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