HowTo: Create AWS EC2 AMI Image on AWS Cloud

Create AWS EC2 AMI Image

EC2 AMI Image :

Amazon Machine Image [AMI] is basically image or snapshot of complete machines.

In a simple word, it is a backup image of your EC2 server or instance.

With help of AMI, you can save or store complete ec2 instance with storage as a single image.

You can also launch this image as EC2 instance when you required.
You can be able to launch as many instances from the AMI. You can store your ec2 instance as a template on AWS cloud.

When should we take AWS EC2 AMI Image?

1. When you want a complete backup of your EC2 Instance.
2. When you need to launch an exact same replica of your EC2 server.
3. When you don’t need any of your ec2 servers then make a copy of the image of that server and terminate ec2 server. it saves your money.

This is a very helpful feature provided by Amazon.

Features of AWS EC2 AMI Image:

  • Stable, Secure and high-performance.
  • Provided at no additional costs to Amazon users.
  • Easy Launch as EC2 Server.

In this article, we are going to understand the process to maintain and create AWS EC2 AMI Image. I assumed that you already have an AWS account. If you don’t have any aws account and still you want to learn about AWS cloud then no need to worry. You can learn AWS in free of cost without paying a single penny. For this go through my previous articles which are guiding you to create Free AWS account. for that check below link which gives you complete information about aws free account.


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Now come to the AWS EC2 AMI Image, I have provided you step by step process to create AMI.

1. Login AWS Account

Once you login into AWS Account, Click on “Services –> EC2 — Running Instances“. You will see all your current EC2 running instances. Select EC2 instance which you want to take AMI image.

EC2 Ami Image

2. Create Image AMI

Now right click on EC2 instance and select the option “Image –> Create Image

3. Fill AMI Details

When you click on Create Image, you will get the pop-up window where you need to feel some information about AMI. Make sure to click on No Reboot option otherwise, your instance will reboot while creating a snapshot.

Refer Below Screenshot.


Only Two option are important to check before clicking on Create Image.

– Tick “NO Reboot” option which will not reboot your ec2 server while creating an image.
– Tick “Delete On Termination“, if you do not tick this option then when you terminate your ec2 ec2 instance or AMI. it will not delete volume storage and you will need to pay for storage.

4. Check AMI Process

Now Go to “AMI” in navigation Panel and you will find AWS will creating an image of the Ec2 instance. it will take some time to complete mostly dependent on the size of storage.

5. Check Snapshot Process

Then Click on “snapshots” in the navigation panel to check the progress of storage. it will show you how much percent storage snapshot is completed. So you will get an idea of how much time will take to complete the AWS EC2 AMI Image.


That’s it. now your “AWS EC2 AMI Image” is ready. You can use it whenever you required.

To launch AMI as EC2 Instances then check out below link. Launching a new EC2 instance and launching an AMI image as EC2 instance. You need to follow the same process.


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If you’re facing any difficulties while creating AWS EC2 AMI Image . Please do comment your queries or problem via the comment section, till then stay tuned to for more such valuable articles.

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