Free Asset Management System : GLPI integration with OCS inventory server

Glpi Integration with OCS Inventory Server

What is GLPI?

GLPI stands for “Gestionnaire libre de Parc Informatique”, GLPI is the Information Resource-Manager with an additional Administration-Interface. You can use it to build up a database with an inventory for your company (the computer, software, printers…). It has enhanced functions to make the daily life for the administrators easier, like a job tracking system with mail notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your network topology.

Use of GLPI :

Most of the company use this application as IT Helpdesk Ticketing system. In this application employee raises their issue on glpi and support person should solve the issue and close issue with resolution information.

It is also used for Asset Management which is shows all the system’s information like Hardware info, software info, user details etc.

There are a lot of features available on glpi but mainly GLPI use for the above two purposes.

OCS Inventory :

It is an application which is used to fetch all the information from the system and store it in the database.

Why are we integrating GLPI with OCS Inventory?

Most of the company using GLPI for ticketing system and Asset management. So OCS will help to fetch information from all the system with help of OCS-agent and store on the database then glpi use OCS plugin to fetch information on GLPI.

GLPI provide a good user interface and filter option so it’s helpful to keep asset information in one place to manage properly.

Also, GLPI provides mailing function by which we get notifications for every new asset updating or deletion.

OCS will not provide that much of features that why we are integrating glpi with ocs and also it is easy to integrate OCS with glpi and access with more interesting and easy features of GLPI.

In our company, we have around 600 Employees and from which 100 employees using Linux machines and other using Windows machine. So all the time when new system assigns to any employee we would be manually taking inventory of that system which is so much hectic work and time-consuming as well.

Then we came to know about the GLPI and OCS integration which helps to manage and fetch all asset info automatically so we decided to implement a GLPI and OCS Integration project at our organization.

Now we are successfully able to fetch information from all the systems. when we are implementing this project we had face lots of issues and technical problems but here we will share you step by step implementation process so you will able to implement it at your organization without facing any issue.

In this post, we have given information about the Hardware Requirement, Application versions, and Plugin versions.

Server Requirement :

OS   : Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

CPU : 2 Core

RAM : 1GB or more

Application Use & Version :

GLPI Application                   : GLPI 0.85.4

OCSINVENTORYNG Plugin     : glpi-ocsinventoryng-1.1.1

OCS Inventory Server           : OCSNG_UNIX_SERVER-2.1.2

Do remember one thing, Don’t use the latest version of GLPI application because it will give you issue while using or installing plugins on glpi. Currently, ocsinventoryng plugin is available for GLPI 0.85 or less. OCS plugin will not support latest GLPI Application.

We can not explain you complete implementation process in the single post so we have divided it in below Three posts.

Follow below three post one by one to implement GLPI integration with OCS Server.

  1. GLPI and OCS InventoryNG plugin installation
  2. OCS Inventory Server installation and configuration
  3. OCSinventory-agent installation on linux and windows machines.

I hope you like the post and understand the importance of Asset Management system.

If you any doubts or queries then comment it under the comment box we will happy to help you on this.

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