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Wp-PageNavi Plugin For WordPress


            Pagination is an important part of your WordPress site or any website. It will help to navigate from one page to another page.
When you add pagination plugin on your blog it also gives a beautiful and professional look for your blog or website.
Readers always look at the end of post once they completed the reading of one post and go to the next page for accessing more pages.
I have gone through the many pagination plugins and also you will find the best plugins for pagination but I like one plugin which is very easy to setup and configure on the website. It saves your time to configure pagination plugin on a wordpress site.
Here I decided to share activation and configuration of the plugin which I liked most and that plugin is “WP-PageNavi”.

Let’s checkout steps to add and configure wp-PageNavi for WordPress site.

Step 1 : Add Plugin

Login to your WordPress admin panel then clicks on “Plugins–>Add New”. Once click on Add New button search for a plugin with name “wp-PageNavi”.

Pagination plugin install

Step 2 : Install & Activate Plugin

After searching for wp-PageNavi, you will get multiple options for pagination plugin if you like any other plugin then go through the details and add that plugin for your WordPress.

Now click on install button then click on “Activate Plugin”.

Pagination plugin activate

Step 3 : Configure wp-PageNavi Plugin

Once installation part completed going to the plugins where wp-PageNavi installed then click on settings. The settings page provides you with customization options for pagination. I have use default settings here if you want to change then change it as per your requirement.

Step 4 : Replace next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link()

In your theme, you need to find calls to next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link() and replace them. use below

Use below grep command on terminal under your themes directory, 

  • grep rni ‘next_posts_link’   themes/
  • grep -rni ‘previous_posts_link’   themes/

In the Twentyten theme, it looks like this: 

Replace with below wp-PageNavi code

Step 5 : Change in CSS

If you need to configure the CSS style of WP-PageNavi, you can copy the pagenavi-css.css file from the plugin directory to your theme’s directory and make your modifications there. This way, you won’t lose your changes when you update the plugin.

Alternatively, you can uncheck the “Use pagenavi.css?” option from the settings page and add the styles to your theme’s style.css file directly.

That’s it once completed the installation and configuration part go to your WordPress site and check how it looks and works.

Look like this

I hope you like the article if you find any difficulties while installing wp-PageNavi then please do comment your queries or problem via the comment section, till then stay tuned to for more such valuable articles.

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