Assign Elastic IP to EC2 Instance

Elastic IP :

  • Elastic IP is nothing but IPv4 IP address which is designed and available for cloud computing and accessible over the internet.
  • It’s flexible address which you can be used or mapped from one EC2 instance to another if a currently associated instance fails.
  • Elastic IP is like static public IPs which we can be assigned for EC2 Instance.
  • You can have one Elastic IP (EIP) address associated with a running instance at no charge.
  • To ensure efficient use of Elastic IP addresses, Amazon impose a small hourly charge when these IP addresses are not associated with a running instance or when they are associated with a stopped instance or unattached network interface.

How many elastic ips we can use in one account?

Every service provided by AWS has limits. These limits you can check in “Limits” section.
To check ElasticIP limit, go to the “EC2” then on left panel you will see “Limits” section.
Click on Limits and go to the Networking Limits where you will see ElasticIP Limits.

elastic ip

Above is the standard limit provided by AWS. You can increase the Limit as per your requirement by sending request increase limit to AWS.

Steps to Assign ElasitcIp to EC2 Instance

1. Login to AWS account and Click on the EC2.

2. In EC2 Dashboard, Click on Elastic IP which is present in the left panel.

elastic ip

3. Click on “Allocate New Address” button.

elastic ip

4. After clicking on the Allocate button, AWS will provide one elastic IP.

elastic ip

5. Close the page and you will see one ip is available to assigned. Right click on IP, Add click on Associate IP.
Choose Instance and Private IP and then click on Associate Button.

elastic ip
elastic ip

6. You can Disassociate IP by right click on IP address and click Disassociate Address.

elastic ip

7. Now go to an instance and check Elastic IP associated or not.

elastic ip

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