Hello Techies,

Welcome to TechThings …

My name is Prashant Thorat, B.E. Graduate in Computer Technology. I have been working as Linux Administrator past four years, and I liked to document all my work which I learned in past few years.
After a long time, I realize that I should write about things which I learned and should share on an own blog which SystemAdmin can learn quickly and can understand the work of sysadmin.
I remembered when I start my career everything is new for me to work on Linux technology that time I also learned from lots of blogs which are on the internet.
Now when I have working experience with Linux, I decided to share it through my blog.
That’s how was born; I started blogging out of my passions for learning & sharing. This blog provides you information about Linux technology, aws cloud, troubleshooting queries, etc. This blog provides you complete information about Linux and what technology used in the live environment.
Linux is my passion and whatever I learned in past four years all would be available on TechThings.